Aims & Objective

Aims and Objectives Of the School

1. To promote education amongst  ents without any caste and religion discrimination and according to rules and regulations laid down by Rajasthan Education Department.

2. To educate students by means of present educational system and making them self reliant and responsible citizen of India.

3.  To develop physical, mental and intellectual level of students.

4.  To develop physical mental and intellectual level of students.

5.  To provide the relief to the poor and the needy children.

6.  To propagate awareness amongst the students about the malevolence social system and develop the feeling of secularism and social responsibility amongst them.

7.  To propagate awareness about the benefit computer education amongst students.

8.  To give subsidy on fees to students coming for education from rural parts of the country and to arrange accommodation and run hostel for them.

9. To create awareness about the diversified Indian Culture and different Indian Art forms amongst the students.

10 To organize various kinds of sports activities and make them proficient in the fields of sports.

11.To organize various medical camps from time to time in order to check the health of students.

12.To celebrate every type of Indian festivals in order educate students to respect every religion and caste of country.

13.To collect donations in order to construct Ashram and Schools and to create awareness of education amongst the financial weak people.

14.To open various institutions in the field of science, engineering, commerce and arts and to make them proficient in those fields.

15.To get recognition from Central Educational Board & Rajasthan Educational Board and function according to the  standards set the said Board.