CO- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES- Students are encouraged to engage in a wide range of activities which are important for their overall development. Dance, Singing debate, Group Discussion and quiz competitions are held periodically on topic of current national and International significance not only to expand awareness of the world out side the school  but also to give the students valuable experience. In public speaking.

Organization- The school is divided into four houses (STAR)

S- Shivaji

T- Tagore

A- Ashok

R- Raman

         Each house is managed by a house Incharge who is assisted by a house Boy and a house girl this forming a complete structural team.

UNIFORM- The school uniform is compulsory. A list of outfit will be made available to the students at the time of admission.


For Boys-

Half Pant: 1 to 5 (Grey)

Trousers: 6 to 10 (Grey)

White Shirt: (Half Sleeve)

Tie, School belt

Black Shoes, Shocks (Grey – White)

For Girls-

Tonic (Grey)

White Shirt (Half Sleeve)

Tie, School belt

Black Shoes, Shoes (Grey – White)

Sport Shoes- White



For Boys-

Trousers: I to X (Grey)

White Shirt (Full Sleeve) Tie, School belt

Black Shoes- Shocks (Grey)

Sports Shoes- (White and White)

Navy Blue- (Sweater)