Principal Message

Principal’s Massage- The importance of education for the development of a country must not be under estimated because education is the tool which alone can inculcate national and cultural values and liberate people of false prejudice,ignorance and representation. Education provides them required knowledge, technique, skill and information and enables them to know their rights and duties towards  their families, their society and toward their motherland at large. Education expands their vision and outlook, provokes the spirit of healthy competition and a desire to advance for the achievement of their consciousness regenerating truth, and thereby capability to fight ignorance, injustice, corruption, violence, disparity and communalism,the greatest hazards to the progress of the nation. Education is thus a mean to stir up the consciousness of the people against in justice, violence and disparity generally resulting in unrest and violence.

Vivekanand say that the end of all education is man making. Education for him is the process by which character is formed.

Keeping full sight on these objectives it is our earnest Endeavor to impart quality education to children under our care value based education. Our mission is not only to make successful engineers, doctors, professional, businessmen etc. But also to shape up good human beings of great values.

Instead of giving to much concentration on main subjects we teacher have to discover strength, emotions, attitudes and values of children which is an integral part of cognitive development and linked to the development of language, mental representation, concepts and reasoning.

We are AVA with to liberate our students from the bandage of ignorance and emancipate them from the tyranny of small self and make them selfless and self reliant.

As the head of this institution I promise a bright and satisfying life to every child put under my care.