At AVS, our Core Values of Positivity, Resilience, Integrity, Determination and Empowerment are more than mere words. Our students and faculty live and breathe them every day. Our values set Bhartians apart and send them out into the world as confident and capable leaders of the 21st century.

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At present Sri Narahari Nathji holds the office of the head of the ašrama. He is in the fifth generation of the Divine Saint Shri Amrit Nathji Maharaja. This young Mahant is an epitome of spiritual brilliance. He is capable, virtuous, restrained, firm in conviction and committed to action in the saffron robe.He was born to Shri Omkara Mala Purohit (a member of priestly clan among Brahmanas) on the eighth day of the dark aspect of Bhadrahpada in the year 2009 of V.E., in the village ROSAVAN, near Fatehpur.His parents were simple, virtuous, free from caprice and malevolence and lived a life of honesty. The family lived in Fatehpur for the sake of livelihood. The father had a deep reverence for the ašrama and often visited it for the company of the saintly and pious persons and for the service of the sages.

Shri Narahari Nathji, though a young child, used to accompany him to the ašrama out of inquisitiveness. The purity of environment of the ašrama influenced him deeply. Often he used to loose the awareness of the cord that binds the young hearts with their parental homes. Perceiving his sense of detachment, sincere faith in God and the temper of his inner self Sri Subha Nathji Maharaja willed to take him in the fold of the ašhrama. He found him a person of genius showing unusual prospects. His father also felt inspired and readily agreed to present him to the sect and the asrama. In the year 2020 of Vikrama era on the auspicious occasion of Jyoti Nath Mahotsava, in compliance with the words of Shri Šubha Nathji Maharaj, Shri Hanuman Nathji accepted him as a disciple. He was only 10 at that time. 


 Academic excellence is the very core of our objectives. We endeavor to provide a high level curriculum, preparing students for the world of opportunities that lies ahead. We make them participate in a learning process that is beyond book-learning to make them brighter, sharper and practical-oriented

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We are always on the move towards excellence. We attempt to provide the best facilities in the school campus so that our students can have more opportunities and exposure. We want our students to experiment and experience the new and the latest in terms of knowledge and technology